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Main Town

in the representative part of Gdansk, including the most important attractions: The Upland Gate, Golden Fate, Royal Street (Long Street), Court of Artus, Neptun Fountain, City Hall, St. Mary's Church, Motlawa River with its Granary Island and the Crane, Great Armoury.

Duration: ca. 2,5- 3 hours

Old Town 

On the way to "our little Amsterdam" , that is situated in the Old Town, we will pass by the Polish Post Office, where the II World War started, we will also see where the Theutonic Order was settled and discover who Johannes Hevelius was.

Duration: ca. 1 hour 


Gdansk Golden Age: visit to the City Hall, Court of Artus, Uphagens' House, St. Mary Church.

Duration Each Museum ca. 45 minutes


Ambar Route: discover the properties of the Gold of Gdansk at the Ambar Museum & by participating in a Workshop at an Ambar Gallery. See the biggest Ambar Altar in the World at St. Bridget Church!

Duration ca. 1,5 hours

Solidarity Route: With a walk to the former Lenin Shipyard we will discuss the history of Poland after the Second World War and how the Communist System started collapsing in Gdansk. Possible visit to the European Solidarity Center.

Duration ca. 1,5 hours + visit at the Solidarity Center 1,5 hours 

Please note the entrances are not included in the tourist guide service

Entrance fees: ca. 2 Euro each Museum or Church 

ca. 5 Euro European Solidarity Center



There are a lot of places to see outside of "Gdansk" (Locals, by saying Gdansk, refer to the strict City Center, so even if they live in one of its quarters, they would often say, they "go to Gdansk" having in mind the center of the city.

There is various possibilities to move along Tricity: public transport (buses, trains, trams), ships (in high season only!), bus rental.

What does Tricity offer?

Oliwa District of Gdansk : wonderful English and French styled park with the Opatów Palac and Cathedral with an Organ play.

Sopot : have a walk through Poland's most visited street Monte Cassino, enjoy a coffee or beer at the Seaside, walk on the longest wooden pier in Europe. 

Gdynia : Enjoy the power of a modern City that had its harbour built in the beginning of the XX Century while Gdansk was a Free City. Have a walk through the boulevar, see how the most attractive City to live in Poland looks like! Good idea for those who stay in Gdansk a couple of days and want to visit a new City. 

For a trip that would include the whole Tricity

we have special bus rental possibilities for

200 Euro a day for ca. 15 people. 

Additional fee for Pier Entrance

during high season, ca. 3 Euro. 


Do you want to visit Gdansk by bike, kayak or with a Segway ?

Or maybe you would like to try good food and locally brewed beer?

A trip outside of Gdansk, in the Kashubian Region, a bath in the lake surrounded by forrests and sausages right from the bonfire?



Tours available in English, German, Spanish, Italian

Standard Tour: Price 330 zł  or 80 Euro Duration ca. 2,5 - 3 hours

Day Tour (up to 8 hours): Price 600 zł or 150 Euro

every additional hour :60 zł or 15 Euro

 Prices provided are gross

If you wish an invoice please let me now in advance

The prices refer to my service as your guide. Transportation fees as well as entrance tickets or sound system are

not included.


Contact Me

Karolina Szklarz

gdanskwalkandtalk@gmail.com  |  

Tel: +48/601646898


About Me

Simple story of how I became a Certified Tourist Guide in Gdansk

I was born in Gdansk, but spent a couple of years studying and living abroad, in Germany, Spain, Italy and Northern Ireland.

I decided to go back in 2012 and saw Gdansk growing constantly becoming an open and interesting City to foreigners. Even my friends from different countries started visiting because they heard Gdansk was worth seeing and were always positively surprised by my City. I felt like I would love to have a deeper insight into Gdansk’s history just to tell them some interesting stories. After a couple of visits I felt that I liked it and that becoming a guide would be a perfect link to my long time experience abroad.  I felt like I could do it for a living so passed the official guide license exam and became an active Gdansk lover, participating in as much events about Gdansk as possible. This is an amazing City - complex history that is fascinating at the same time. It’s like a novel that never bores you but instead, you always want more, so I dedicated my life to Gdansk.

I also did the Tour Leader Course in 2016 which consist in taking care of tourists during longer coach and plane trips.


I graduated in German and Polish Law at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder and University of Poznan and also spent several years at German Primary School before moving to Poland in the 90's.

I also studied Law in Almería, Spain and Italian in Bologna, Italy. 

This is the reason why I am able to offer tours in different languages on a high and professional level.

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